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With Pluspuu, we want to make building your home a simple and enjoyable experience. Our Pluspuu Homes team in Canada is committed to offering a white glove service approach to building. From your initial call with our team, we will work to tailor our services to your specific needs and offer our consistent support from design consultation to choosing a contracting team, scheduling site visits, assistance with permit requests and even finding curated land options in your desired location.



Pluspuu will provide all the designers, contractors and other professionals needed to assume responsibility for the project, as part of the project management services. 

If prefered, our installation & construction services can be tailored to meet a clients specific needs and Pluspuu will offer support only in the areas defined by the client.

For more information on installation & construction services send us an email at

Pluspuu Homes are mostly built on site by hand – so it does make a difference who is in charge of the project. All Pluspuu house packages are installed by our expertly vetted, preferred contracting partners that Pluspuu manages, across Canada. 

A wide range of installation services are available from frame installation to a complete turnkey delivery. The scope of installation services are tailored to the clients requirements.

Aside from the house itself, we also customize the materials and range of construction services needed.



A unique home is created in close consultation with our architects. The design can be based on one of the pre-designed Pluspuu models or start from scratch. Our architects specialize in log construction and are fully aware of the cost effects of the various design concepts.

An important tool guiding the design process is the budget prepared for the construction project. As a customer, you will be fully informed of the impact of the various design details and materials, on the total cost of the home, throughout the design process.

All other plans and drawings that are required for construction, are also available through Pluspuu.



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Planning A Development?

We do multi-unit builds! Contact us today at to discuss partnering with us.

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