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Kalla is a compact small family cottage, log cabin, side home, guest house or even a small detached house. Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring nature into living areas. The covered end terrace also serves as a summer kitchen or a barbecue place.


Kalla is also available in the RoofDeck version.

Kalla 50

530 SQ FT | 2 Bedroom

Kalla 50 - 3D.jpg
Kalla 50 - FLOOR PLAN.jpg

Kalla 50B

560 SQ FT | 1 Bedroom

Kalla 50 B - 3D.jpg
Kalla 50 B - FLOOR PLAN.jpg

Kalla 50B RoofDeck

560 SQ FT | 1 Bedroom

KALLA 50B Roofdeck (Page 4).jpg
KALLA 50B Roofdeck (Page 1).jpg
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