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Pluspuu Homes Canada


Who Are We


Joel Doherty

President & CEO

Based in New Brunswick, Joel is leading the Pluspuu team in growth, operations, supplier partnerships, dealerships, and property development projects for Canada. He will personally assist you through every step of helping realize your dream home. He can appreciate the client side of the process, as he is building an Iniö 150 for his family.

Greg Nakonecznyj

Vice President of Engineering & Design

Based in Ontario, Greg is leading the Design and pre-construction Project Management, as well as Research & Development efforts behind the scenes to make your Pluspuu dream home a reality. Greg has extensive experience in many facets of the Construction industry, but is heavily focused in Modular and Prefabricated Construction techniques and engineering.

Greg Nako.jpeg

Ryley James

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Based in Barrie Ontario, Ryley is leading early efforts to build out Pluspuu Homes sales and marketing capabilities across Canada. She is an incredibly accomplished artist, a marketing guru, and one of the most down-to-earth salespeople you'll ever meet. You will no doubt be speaking with her as we connect. Feel free to reach out any time.

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