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The elegant Pellinki has two buildings under one roof and a practical terrace space in between. The sauna and washrooms with changing rooms are in a smaller building. In the Pellinki 109 model, the sauna facilities have been replaced by bedrooms. The spacious and higher-than-normal living areas delight with their space and brightness.

Pellinki Roofdeck is a magnificent two-part, pulpit-roofed landscape villa combined with a roof terrace. Under the roof terrace there is a convenient covered summer kitchen / lounge. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the higher-than-normal living area bring the landscape and light into all the living spaces.

Pellinki 125 RoofDeck

1343 SQ FT | 2 Bedroom

PELLINKI 125 ROOFDECK (Page 5).jpg
PELLINKI 125 ROOFDECK (Page 2).jpg

Pellinki 120 Roofdeck

1285 SQ FT | 4 Bedroom

PELLINKI 120 ROOFDECK (Page 5) (1).jpg
PELLINKI 120 ROOFDECK (Page 2).jpg

Pellinki 112

1198 SQ FT | 2 Bedroom

PELLINKI 112 (Page 5).jpg
PELLINKI 112 (Page 2).jpg

Pellinki 109

1174 SQ FT | 4 Bedroom

PELLINKI 109 (Page 5).jpg
PELLINKI 109 (Page 2).jpg

Pellinki 106

1174 SQ FT | 4 Bedroom

PELLINKI 106 (2) (Page 5).jpg
PELLINKI 106 (2) (Page 2).jpg
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