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The modern and stylish Isokari includes two buildings under a shared roof with a practical terrace in between. The separate sauna section can also be used as a guest room. If you do not want a sauna, you can have two bedrooms complete with a shared bathroom. The spacious and airy living areas are a delight to living. Both standard bedrooms include a panoramic window which can be fitted with sliding doors to bring nature even closer.

Isokari 115

1227 SQ FT | 4 Bedroom

Isokari 115 - 3D.jpg
Isokari 115 - FLOOR PLAN.jpg

Isokari 114B

1227 SQ FT | 4 Bedroom

Isokari 114 B - 3D.jpg
Isokari 114 B - FLOOR PLAN.jpg

Isokari 82

880 SQ FT | 4 Bedroom

Isokari 82 - 3D.jpg
Isokari 82 - FLOOR PLAN.jpg

Isokari 76

821 SQ FT | 4 Bedroom

Isokari 76 - 3D.jpg
Isokari 76 - FLOOR PLAN.jpg
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